Total Points:_____________

Use five point scale, where 1=poor; 5= excellent

_____ Clearly identified self, company name, qualifications, and role in the


_____ Clearly identified and related the problem with the solution

_____ Identified the market niche, size and the opportunity

_____ Identified key competitors and stated competitive advantage

_____ Offered clear and credible revenue and profit projections

_____ Identified milestones to date

_____ Stated the investment needed and how it will be used

____Total for Content (35 points maximum)


_____ Did not exceed 90 seconds; presentation made at a reasonable pace

_____ Well prepared but not memorized. Convincing and confident.

_____ Clear articulation, good posture and movement, good eye contact

____Total for Delivery (15 points maximum)

Tie Breaker

_____ On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1= not an investable business idea and

          5= high chance for investment, please rate the pitch

Idea Pitch 2017 and Onward

Problem - Is the problem compelling and the value proposition strong?

    5 - Very compelling, well conveyed, 
    3 - Was compelling, but problem or value prop needs improvement
    1 - Not compelling, both need improvement

Product - Is the solution the best way to solve the problem?

    5 - The product is well throught-out and solves the problem efficiently
    3 - Product is alright, and seems to likely solve the problem
    1 - The product is weak and or does not solve the problem

Market - Will the market size will allow a sustainable business with reasonable income

    5 - The market is well-defined and has potential for substaintial growth
    3 - The market is discovered, and has some room for growth
    1 - The market is not well-defined, and or has little room for growth

Model - Is the business model the best for this market and product?

    5 - The business model spoken to is most appropriate for this case
    3 - The business model needs improvement
    1 - The business model is very weak and or needs a fresh start

Ask - Is the call-to-action clear? Do you want to know more?

Delivery - Was the pitch clear, concise, and captivating?

    5 - The pitch was very well rehearsed, and very captivating
    3 - The pitch was rehearsed