GVSU CEO is a collective of students passionately learning and creating the unimaginable.

A Few of the bright businesses sparked from our current, past, and lifelong members.


Stir It Up

"Nearly 70% of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are unemployed," so Zoe Bruyn, a past CEO President, set out to change that with Stir it Up, a bakery employing those individuals.

Spice Jungle

Ranked in the mid 1800s on Inc. Magazine's list of the 5000 fastest growing companies, past CEO members Rob Conley and Brent Reame continue to build an empire.


The man of words, Jordan Vanderhaam, has created a beautiful, and powerful cold-weather mask right here in CEO, with resources spared from West Michigan.

GVSU CEO builds You


Students within CEO become exposed to the resources of West Michigan, and they learn how to create something from nothing, all with the help of those around them.


Entrepreneurship is never over


As you begin to build your first company, or even help out building a startup, or using entrepreneurship in a corporation, you can always find new methods to tackle problems, and it's a beautiful, endless circle.