Student business competitions are a great way to gain experience and secure 'free' (non dilutive) funding. CEO Club helps members refine their business or product idea, practice presentations, create attractive slide decks, prepare for Q&A, and more. Last year, CEO Club members took home over 60k in competition money! Along with providing support, CEO Club also sponsors a business competition open to all GVSU Students called Idea Pitch. For a list of student competitions, click here! For some general competition advice, check out our Pitching Basics page! 

Spectrum Health Innovations: 

Interested in competing or creating a startup but don't have an idea? That's okay! Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) has partnered with the GVSU CEO Club for that very reason. Each year, dozens of ideas are submitted to SHI by medical personnel at Spectrum. These ideas are based on problems these professionals encounter on a daily basis. However, there are simply too many ideas submitted for SHI to handle on their own. That's where CEO comes in! A few of these ideas have been 'given' to our club for member teams to take over. Teams will be given access to Spectrum Health personnel and equipment to expedite their process. For more information on the Spectrum Project, click here

Start Garden:

As a Grand Valley student and member of CEO Club, you are granted a free Start Garden membership. Start Garden is a great way to get connected with entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids, and is located only a few blocks away from GVSU's Pew campus. They host regular advisor hours, classes, and networking events. As a member, you can utilize all of these resources for free, or at a discounted rate! Along with providing startups support, Start Garden also actively invests. Each week, Start Garden gives 5k to two hopeful startups and allows them to run an 'experiment' for 90 days. After 90 days, the entrepreneurs are invited back to give a short presentation to the public on what they learned during the experiment. If the Start Garden team sees potential, they can invest up to 500k! CEO Club gives members an opportunity to practice and refine their business ideas in preparation for a Start Garden entry. For more information on Start Garden, visit their website